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Initial Gas

Initial Gas ACS CCN1 Assessment
This is an assessment for those who have either completed the Pathway to Gas Training (also known as APL) or for those who hold a relevant NVQ qualifications in Plumbing or Heating and Ventilation. This assessment based on the Gas Safety regulations on the safety when working with domestic gas appliances.

Initial Gas ACS CCN1 Training
This course is for those who hold the relevant plumbing NVQ qualifications and would like to do become a gas engineer but has no or basic knowledge about the gas regulations, then this is the right course for you to begin with and because you have a relevant NVQ qualification in Plumbing or Heating and Ventilation then you don’t have to do the work based Portfolio.

Initial Gas Gas Safe Plus
During your whole course you would have learnt about what is required from you as a gas engineer according to the gas regulations. The training has been structured in a way to provide you with the training in how to carry out any gas works that you do but doesn’t cover how to fill in the legal documents such as LANDLORD CERTIFICATES (CP12) or even the benchmark.

Initial Gas Specialised Appliances
Once you have completed your CCN1 assessments then you would need to do this course which is the elements. With this qualification you can choose with how many appliances you want to be qualified in. we offer a total of 6 domestic appliances.