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Reassessment ACS Refresher Course

  • About the course
    This is a refresher course for those whose ACS Qualification has expired and they would like training on the recent updates on the regulations then this is the course for you. This training will also prepare you for your theory and practical assessments.

    Duration: 5 Days (flexible)

    Cost: For prices, please call the centre on 01708 607 188

    How is the course going to help you within the gas career?
    This course can help you progress within the gas industry and with this course you can undertake the following tasks once you successfully complete this course:
    -This training course will update you on what new regulations have been brought and how will they affect you as a gas engineer.

    -The training includes preparation for your ACS assessments, because you have passed your exams 5 years ago and you might have forgotten some parts in the assessment so the training will prepare you so that you don’t have difficulty in understanding the questions.

  • About the course
    This Reassessment refresher course is designed to train you on the following:

    – Key safety skills
    – Changes in the legislation and standards over the past 5 years and how they affect you as a gas engineer.

    In this training that we offer you at TAF Training Centre helps you keep track of all the changes in the regulations and standards, by doing this brings an assurance to you that any gas works that you do are still compliant against all the changes.

    As the assessments are based to cover the changes in the gas industry so by doing this course also helps you in your gas assessment.

    Qualification Structure
    The refresher is structured in such a way that it covers all the changes plus helps you for your ACS Assessments. The topics that will be covered are:
    – Gas Safety (installation and use) regulations 1998
    – Combustion
    – Carbon Monoxide Awareness
    – Installation practices
    – Gas tightness testing and purging
    – Flues and Chimneys
    – Plus any gas appliances you are qualified in.

    The refresher course is structured to be delivered in 2 days sometimes it may take more or even less days depending upon you on how quick you can grasp the training and this won’t affect the cost of the training.
    TAF Training Centre makes its mark in being able to deliver this course around your commitments. Whether you are working or have any other commitments then the training staff would be more than happy to help get this course under your belt around your availability.

    Course Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre will provide you will all the course material and equipment that would be needed to complete this course and gain all the valuable skills and knowledge that will passed on to you.

    Entry Requirements
    To enrol for this refresher course you must fit into the following criteria:
    – You hold a valid ACS qualification that has validity of 6 months before it expires
    – You hold a current ACS qualification that is about to expire
    – You hold a current ACS qualification that has expired but has not lapsed more than 1 year.

    The price for this amazing refresher course is £400.00 inc VAT.

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