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Commercial Gas Pipework First Fix – ICPN1

  • About the course
    If you will be working on gas pipework that has a diameter more than 35mm you will need to have a specialised qualification so that you can carry out installation, repairing and maintenance on such pipework. This is a recommended course if you will be undertaking the commercial gas boiler course and most commercial boiler have gas pipework that have pipe sizes above 35mm

    Duration: 1 Day (Flexible)

    Cost: TBA

    How is the course going to help you within the gas career?
    This course can help you progress within the gas industry and with this course you can understand the requirements under the Gas Safety Regulations:

    With this qualification you will not lose your domestic qualifications you will still have them but this commercial qualifications is going to be added on to your Gas Safe Register Card.

  • About the course
    If you will be working on gas pipework more than 35mm then you will have to do this course as the pipework will have to assembled and tested using a different technique. This course will upgrade your scope in carrying out gas works on gas pipe work ranging sizes up to 150mm (6”). If you will be undertaking the commercial gas boilers then it is a recommendation that you undertake this pipework course as most commercial boilers require the gas pipe to be more than 35mm for it to operate safely.

    Qualification Structure
    The structure of the Commercial Gas Pipework (ICPN1) includes the Training and assessment that would cover the following topics which includes all the aspects and requirements of what you need to know as a commercial gas engineer under the Gas Regulations.

    The following topics are delivered in the classroom and you put it into practice in our Gas Workshop which is designed to give you a real on site scenario.

    – Installation of Flanged pipework
    – Installation of screwed pipework
    – Connection of polyethylene and steel pipework

    Training Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre recommends to buy some books as part of your course as these book are very well written and are easy to understand, these books can be bought from our training centre. Some training material is provided but is not enough so we highly recommend you get these books.

    The equipment will be provided for you when you enter our Practical Workshop where you will need to use the tools and work on the gas appliances that we have set up for training purposes.

    Entry Requirements
    The entry requirements to enrol for this commercial Gas Boiler course which are laid out by Blueflame Certification are:
    – You need to hold a valid commercial C0DNC01 qualification in order to enrol for this course.


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