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Plumbing NVQ Diploma Level 2

  • About the course
    This Plumbing qualification is structured for those of you who currently work within the Plumbing industry but who are looking to gain NVQ Qualification within the industry. The qualification forms the basis of knowledge for all modern domestic plumbing and is therefore an excellent starting point for anyone looking for a career in plumbing.

    Duration: 40 days (flexible)

    Cost: For prices, please call the centre on 01708 607 188

    How is the course going to help you within your plumbing career?
    This course can help you progress within the plumbing industry and with this course you can undertake the following tasks once you successfully complete this course:

    – You will have a good understanding on how plumbing and heating systems work
    – You will have a good understanding on how to install plumbing and heating systems
    – You will have a good understanding on how to maintain plumbing and heating systems
    – You will have a good understanding on how to repair plumbing and heating systems
    – Gain an NVQ Qualification which may increase your chances into getting employed and also higher pay

    In TAF Training Centre we believe that any trades man should have his identity and with this skill you will have an identity which most plumbers don’t have. To make the most of this why not join us and we promise to bring a star out of you.

  • About the course
    This course is a combination of both the Diploma and the NVQ together. The course is structured for those of who are working within the plumbing and heating industry but don’t hold qualifications within the trade. Once successful completion of this course you will hold a nationally recognised qualifications within the plumbing and heating industry.

    Progression can be to:
    – Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing Studies

    – Level 3 NVQ in Plumbing and Heating (as long as level 3 Diploma in Plumbing Studies has been achieved)

    Qualification Structure
    At TAF Training Centre we have structured the course in order to deliver you with the skills and knowledge and practical skills in to be recognised as plumber and heating engineer with good skills and understanding.

    This qualification covers a wide range of subjects required by someone aspiring to work in the plumbing industry including:
    – Understand and carryout safe working practices
    – Understand how to communicate with others
    – Understand how to apply Environmental Protection Measures
    – Understand and carryout preparation, and pipework fabrication techniques
    – Understand and apply Cold Water systems installation and maintenance skills
    – Understand and apply Hot Water systems installation and maintenance skills
    – Understand and apply Central Heating systems installation and maintenance skills
    – Understand how to apply scientific principles
    – Understand and apply Rain Water systems installation and maintenance skills
    – Understand and apply Above Ground Drainage systems installation and maintenance skills
    – Work based portfolio to complete your NVQ side of the qualification

    This Plumbing Technical course is structured to be delivered in a total of 40 days.

    TAF Training Centre makes its mark in being able to deliver this course around your commitments. Whether you are working or have any other commitments then the training staff would be more than happy to help get this course under your belt around your availability.

    Course Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre will provide you will all the some course material and equipment that would be needed to complete this course but you may need to get some training manuals and PPE which will you be given the list on the day of you induction and gain all the valuable skills and knowledge that will passed on to you.

    The assessment for this course will be both online assessment and practical tasks that you will be asked to carry out at TAF Training Centre.

    Entry Requirements
    There are no entry requirements to enrol for this course but all you need is the ambition of acquiring the skills and knowledge that would shape up your future.

    The price for this NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating Level 2 course is for £3500 inc VAT.

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