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  • About the course
    This course is structured for those gas engineers who attend calls regarding Carbon Monoxide Alarms. As of April 2012 the Gas Safe Register have developed this course to address the investigation of reported fumes, smells or leakage of combustion products in a domestic dwelling.

    Duration: 2 days

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    How is the course going to help you within the gas career?
    This course can help you progress within the gas industry and with this course you can undertake the following tasks once you successfully complete this course:

    – With this course you will be able to respond to incidents and investigation regarding carbon monoxide.

  • About the Course
    If you are a qualified gas engineer who are required to investigate and make safe instances when a ‘concern for safety’ has been raised in respect of a domestic gas appliance or in cases when a CO alarm has been activated in a property, then you will required to qualified in being able to attend such works as it need specialist training.

    It is a relevant qualification for gas engineers who work for local authorities, housing associations and landlords whether a subcontractor or not and responding to calls from a customer suspecting fumes due to activation of a CO alarm, where a customer suspects fumes due to signs of spillage or smells being emitted from an appliance, where customers contact The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society, also in response to the gas Transporter (Transco) requests where fumes have been suspected.

    Only operatives with CMDDA1 qualification will be deemed competent to carry out such investigation.

    CMDDA1 will also allow you to give a report where a gas incident has occurred in a property.

    Qualification Structure
    This course is structured to give you both the training and assessment to gain the essential skills in being able to undertaken this task competently. The topics that will be covered in your training will be:

    – Introduction
    – Understanding BS7967
    – Different types of analysers
    – Procedures for CO2 testing for different types of fires and appliances
    – Use of CO2 and CO for different appliances
    – Measuring CO2/Ambient Air Testing
    – Practical and written assessments

    The CMDDA1 course is a 2 day course which will be delivered as follows:

    – The first day will consist of training and completion of theory examinations.
    – The second day will consist of assessment which you will assessed under different scenarios on a one to one basis

    Course Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre will provide you will all the course material and equipment that would be needed to complete this course and gain all the valuable skills and knowledge that will passed on to you.

    Entry Requirements
    The entry requirement for this course is that it’s a must to have the following:

    – Must hold a valid CCN1 qualification.

    – Must hold a valid CPA1 qualification

    The price for this course is £450 inc VAT.

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