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Commercial Changeover – CODNC01

  • About the course
    This course is for those who would like to carryout gas work on commercial premises and working on gas pipes over 35mm. This is a changeover course for those who hold a valid domestic CCN1 qualification and would like to convert it so that they could work on commercial premises.

    Duration: 5 days (Flexible)

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    How is the course going to help you within the gas career?
    This course can help you progress within the gas industry and be able to carry out work on commercial premises and work on boiler over 70Kw.

  • About the course
    As a domestic gas engineer you are restricted to work in only domestic properties with certain restrictions as to what size of appliances you can work on. If you will be undertaking gas work in commercial premises such as offices or fast food shops then you have to upgrade your qualifications so that you can carry out gas works in commercial premises. This course will give you the fundamental knowledge on the safety side of the commercial industry and will also update you with the requirements under the Gas Safety Regulations. This commercial changeover course is a prerequisite to other specific appliances you want to be qualified in.

    Qualification Structure
    The structure of the Commercial Changeover Course includes the Training and assessment that would cover the following topics which includes all the aspects and requirements of what you need to know as a commercial gas engineer under the Gas Regulations.

    The following topics are delivered in the classroom and you put it into practice in our Gas Workshop which is to give you a real on site scenario.
    – Safety, Legislation and Standards.  

    – Pressure and Flow.             
    – Combustion and Gas Safety Controls.           
    – Flues and Ventilation          
    – Industrial Pipe work.
    – Soundness Testing and Purging to IGE/UP/1A
    – Industrial and Commercial Gas Fired Appliances.
    – Flue Analysis on commercial appliances
    – Burner Controls and Control Systems.

    Training Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre recommends to buy some books as part of your course as these book are very well written and are easy to understand, these books can be bought from our training centre.

    Entry Requirements
    The entry requirements to enrol for this commercial changeover courses is you need to hold a valid domestic CCN1 and CPA1 qualification in order to convert this into commercial C0DNC01.

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