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Initial Gas Gas Safe Plus

  • About the course
    During your whole course you would have learnt about what is required from you as a gas engineer according to the gas regulations. The training has been structured in a way to provide you with the training in how to carry out any gas works that you do but doesn’t cover how to fill in the legal documents such as LANDLORD CERTIFICATES (CP12) or even the benchmark.

    Duration: 1 Day (Flexible)

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    How is the course going to help you within the gas career?
    This course can help you progress within the gas industry and with this course you can understand the requirements under the Gas Safety Regulations:

    With this training in hand you would be able to fill out the legal documents such as the Landlord Certification (CP12) and also the Benchmark for gas appliances with great confidence.

  • About the course
    At TAF Training Centre we have a different approach in the training we offer and we always try our best to offer courses that would bring the best out of you or even cater for your needs.
    Our qualified gas lecturers sat down and thought about why is it that many gas engineers who have been working in the field have trouble in filling out the most important documents in the gas industry. The conclusion to that was most training centres train you with what is required from you as a gas engineer according to the gas regulations but they don’t train you on how to put that information down on the legal documents.
    The lecturers came up with GAS SAFE PLUS and the main reason for this was to train you on how fill out the legal documents and plus also give you some scenarios where you will come across and how to put it down in the documents while covering yourself.

    I know you must be asking yourself what is BENCHMARK?
    Benchmark is another legal document which is supplied by the manufacturer and it’s a must to fill out and complete this document as it holds the validity of a warranty. When an appliance goes faulty and the manufacturer is called in, the first question would be where the benchmark is. The manufacturer would compare the information noted down in the benchmark and then would judge whether the warranty is valid or not.

    If you incorrectly fill this document then the manufacturer will void the warranty and the customer will have to pay for the repair of the appliance. This will result to a very poor reputation of yourself.


    Training Structure
    The Gas Safe Plus course is structured to give you the confidence in filling out the legal documents properly while also covering your back. The training that you will receive will cover the following topics which will be delivered in the classroom and will be put into practice in our workshop which is designed to give you a real onsite experience:

    – What is a Landlord Certificate and its importance
    – What is a Benchmark and its importance
    – What are your legal responsibilities while filling out these legal documents
    – Using different scenarios how do you note it down on the legal documents
    – What should you do if you see an unsafe situation and how do you note it down on the documents
    – How to advice a customer on the dangers of unsafe appliance
    – How to carry out a service on different appliances according to the regulations and also confirming to the manufacturer’s instructions

    Training Material and Equipment
    TAF Training Centre recommends to buy some books which help you to understand and do a quick reference in order to understand how to carry out the checks and also write it down on the documents while still maintaining the requirements imposed on you under the gas regulations

    The equipment will be provided for you when you enter our Practical training Workshop where you will need to use the tools and work on the gas appliances that we have set up for assessment purposes.

    Entry Requirements
    The entry requirements to enrol for ACS CCN1 Assessment courses which are laid out by Blueflame Certification are either:
    – You hold a Pathway to Gas Certificate (also known as APL)
    – You need to hold the relevant NVQ qualifications in Plumbing and/or Heating and Ventilation.
    – You have completed or hold an ACS Qualification

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